About Moi

I LOVE FOOD!  I have a fat kid trapped inside of me.  I know this; I feel him ALL THE TIME.  He looks and acts like “Mouth” from The Goonies… Baby Ruth?

Seriously now, I am a math teacher by day (and night), but I am really a housewife at heart.  Just waiting for my hubby to start raking in the dough so I don’t have to work anymore.  He’ll tell me to keep waiting and play the lotto. Wealth doesn’t logically follow from being a military wife and educator.  It doesn’t help that the state government keeps cutting funds for education, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog.

It should also be mentioned that I belong to this elite, exclusive, and oh so cool community (read: religion) called Crossfit.  There are these dietary suggestions (read: RULES) that a Crossfitter is SUPPOSED to follow.  Believe me, I sipped the Kool-Aid for a long time: first the Zone, then gluten-free, then Paleo with dairy, then strict Paleo, then I wanted to slit my wrists.  About four months ago, I gave up on the special diet thing all together and started eating “good quality” food.  I admittedly don’t eat much in terms of processed food and fast-food grosses me out, but I EAT CARBS PEOPLE and I LIKE IT! Oh, and I am still kicking many of the Paleo worshiper’s asses in the workouts, so suck it people!  Too aggressive?  It’s part of my ten-step program for recovering Paleo dieters…

Back to the positive, nothing makes me happier than cooking, especially for my hubby who is the most unpicky (like that one?) eater you will ever meet…except for olives.  One time I played this funny little game with him: open your mouth and close your eyes.  He has only been truly mad at me a couple of times, need I say more?  Other than that, he has been happy to eat every meal I’ve made him.  I’ve met very few people that come anywhere close to having a sweet tooth the size of mine, and then there was my soulmate.  It was love at first bite (thanks Neelys).  So, I owe my passion and dedication to cooking to my sweet (and always hungry) husband.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing you eat a meal that I’ve made, so thanks for the inspiration, love.


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